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The Self-Sovereign Individual

A program to achieve freedom from government coercion
for those who understand it, want it and
are responsible enough to live it



To provide the foundational ideas and the ordering framework for a new society enabling all of its members to each optimally increase his/her (hir) lifetime happiness by challenging responsible individuals to reach for and attain a higher level of intellectual and practical functioning in their methods of cooperative exchange of value with other members of society.

Truths of Reality

Although the following quotes are not meant in any way to imply that the current generation of humans cannot or will not understand and embrace the ideas of the Self-Sovereign Individual Project, many of its idea are so different from any current or historical philosophical viewpoints regarding human liberty, that it is nevertheless highly likely that most humans will reject these ideas out of hand unless such people are shown the clear consistent logic and practicality of the ideas and enabled to experience them at an early age.

"All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident."

--Arthur Schopenhauer, German philosopher (1788 - 1860)

"A new truth always has to contend with many difficulties. If it were not so, it would have been discovered much sooner."

--Karl Ernst Ludwig Marx (Max) Planck, German physicist (1858 - 1947)

To the first above quote could be added a zeroth stage during which the truth is essentially unheard or ignored. Unfortunately, with respect to any significant number of people, the ideas of the Self-Sovereign Individual Project are still at the zeroth stage. Reaching stage one will be a major advance.


Deteriorating Liberty reduces life promotion and impedes life extension

We, Paul Wakfer and Kitty Antonik, have become very concerned that the elimination and/or restriction of individual available choices in North America and the world caused by the deterioration of liberty is such that if current social structures and interaction methods are not improved by radical alterations, the establishment and availability of the healthspan and lifespan increasing methods that we eagerly seek, and think are entirely possible, will not be achieved before our bodies can no longer sustain our lives. And thus, our lifetime Happiness will be greatly lower than what it could be and what we want it to be. Therefore, our current evaluation of the best use of our time to optimally increase that Lifetime Happiness has caused us to spend far less time on our short and medium term goals described on the Purposes of MoreLife page, and to search for a way to more quickly, and particularly more certainly, attain a major portion of our long-term goal, also described there, of greatly increasing the available choices in our lives, including the liberty to do as we please as long as we do not violate others. Specifically, we have become convinced that nothing short of a revolutionary change in the interaction methods of the peoples of the world, particularly and first in the technologically advanced societies, will be sufficient to achieve a free and stable highly productive society of cooperative, optimally happy people. The foundational basis of these necessary revolutionary changes in human interaction methods is contained in the Theory of Social Meta-Needs. Finally, we think that we have found a way in which this revolutionary change and achievement of a free and stable society of optimally happy cooperative people might peaceably be gradually brought about.

Self-Sovereign Individuals together
can increase their
available choices

Briefly (for now), we think that it is possible to establish a group of mutually free, independent and responsible Self-Sovereign Individuals who will preferentially interact with each other to the benefit of all. We think that this Society of "Freemen" (who are no threat to others because they have all sworn to eschew intentional violation and to fully restitute for all violations in any way possible) and their rational mutually beneficial interactions will be both attractive to many who are already in basic agreement with our ideas, and a promotion mechanism to attract others who seek a solution to the current problems of the world. We also think that the promotion of this Self-Sovereign Individual Project and the publication of each individual's executed Declaration of Individual Independence and Social Contract will provide a means to identify those persons with whom other Self-Sovereign Individuals will wish to preferentially interact, and in addition, to help such individuals identify themselves. We look forward to a time when this growing nucleus of Self-Sovereign Individuals is large enough to increase the number and scope of their available actions far above its level prior to joining together. Those who wish to join with us and others in this Project are urged to read, study, critique and finally to execute the Declaration of Individual Independence and the Natural Social Contract (when these are ready). Then we will all begin to interact preferentially with each other as Freemen according to the terms of those documents.

Sections of Self-Sovereign Individual Project

It is recommended that the Sections of the Self-Sovereign Individual Project be explored in the order given below since the ideas and thoughts introduced in the earlier documents are preparatory in building toward the more advanced discussions of the later documents. However, it may be advantageous to read the Declaration of Individual Independence in the Achievement Section (3rd below) immediately after the Critiques Section (1st below), since much of the basis for the Theory of Social Meta-Needs in the Fundamentals Section (2nd below) was first written there.


Most of the ideas and all of the writing in the documents for this Project are those of Paul Wakfer except where indicated, but all of them were discussed with Kitty Antonik without whose questions, insights, intellectual input and encouragement none of them would have been formulated, much less written, rewritten, updated and brought to their current stage of completion.