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The Philosophical Basis
of a Stably Ordered Optimal Society

Liberty requires
a philosophical foundation

Liberty cannot be fully understood and appreciated without a study of its philosophical basis - the study of the concepts and principles of being (metaphysics), acquiring knowledge (epistemology), personal conduct (ethics) and interpersonal conduct (politics) - to use the terms originally given to these subjects of study by Aristotle.

A home for articles
on fundamentally
new ideas

This section of The Self-Sovereign Individual Project (SelfSIP) houses philosophical studies and essays that derive and analyze in detail the philosophical basis of the principles and practices presented in the entire rest of SelfSIP. Many concepts are sufficiently complex that they can not be derived, explained and fully analyzed within the descriptive annotations of the various SelfSIP critiques, dialogues, solution documents or other essays in which they are used, first encountered by the reader, and in some cases are being introduced in such form for the first time ever to my knowledge. Therefore, as I (Paul Antonik Wakfer) get the time to do so, I will be writing detailed logical expositions of those new ideas that I consider to be of paramount importance for any true understanding of the concept and theory of Social Meta-Needs as well as its implementation in the Natural Social Contract, the purpose of which is to found a free and stable highly productive society of cooperative, optimally happy people. These essays are listed in the index below in the order of their importance. Without question, the most fundamental document and one that lays the foundation for the entire approach of the Self-Sovereign Individual Project is the Theory of Social Meta-Needs listed first below.

Comments, Questions
& Suggestions

As you read the articles above, please read fully, think deeply on these subjects, since you most likely will not have fully considered them before, certainly not as they are presented here. Then post to the Yahoo group MoreLife any comments, questions or critiques that you have on specific points (the approach of full quotation with inline comments is always best). Suggestions of other articles that you think are supportive of the ideas contained in the various sections of the Self-Sovereign Individual Project are also welcome at MoreLife Yahoo.