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Program of Implementation: Getting from Here to a Free Society

Tasks Ahead

During the time that we (Paul and Kitty Antonik Wakfer) have been developing the principles of and writing their explanation for the Self-Sovereign Individual Project which can be seen in the accompanying sections, we have constanly been considering how to implement a network and eventually a whole society of Self-Sovereign Individuals with significantly higher freedom within the midst of statist societies. The following parts of the implementation are planned and in progress. Be sure to return to check on their progress to maturity.

  • Outline of the Program of Implementation [in progress]
  • Self-Sovereign Personal Database Website [planned]

Comments, Suggestions
& Assistance

We welcome all constructive comments concerning additions, deletions or other alterations to this implementation program or to anything else relating to the Self-Sovereign Individual Project. In addition, we realize that if this Project is to actually succeed it will need far more than our own personal resources of time and energy. We therefore ask those who will be signing the solution documents upon their completion and who have talents appropriate to the Program of Implementation to join us to help make it a success. A short email to Paul or Kitty, describing yourself, your talents and how you think you could contribute, would start the ball rolling in this direction.
For those who do not have the skills or time to personally assist in this effort, returning monetary value for the value received by this Project will assist us in procuring certain paid services in order to better use our time in the creation aspects.