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Critiques of
Government Founding Documents
and Historically Influential Political Writings

Return to "our roots"?

The cry is often heard that we need to return to "our roots". If this exhortation is meant as a recipe to save people from current faulty social and political practices, it is surely incorrect logically, since it is those very roots that have lead to that current predicament. However, such a return is a very worthwhile effort if one does so with the purpose of examining the contents of those roots in order to determine exactly how they contributed to the problems of the present. Moreover, such a procedure is highly valuable and may even be necessary in order to formulate new ideas - and eventually actions - which will solve the current problems and enable people to attain a far superior and more stable ordering of human interactions.

Critiquing root Documents -
Sequence Important

The documents first below are part of the introduction to the Self-Sovereign Individual Project - A program to achieve freedom from government coercion for those who understand it, want it, and are responsible enough to live it. They have been created to provide the in-depth examination of political roots which is necessary to understand that what many think of as the promise of the American Revolution (or similar hopes with respect to such documents for other countries) never really existed - and why this is so. To see these points unfold, it is particularly important to read the documents below in the order in which they are listed. This is because the documents and the explanatory critiques containing new ideas were written in that order. Thus, by jumping ahead you will not have the background thoughts expressed in previous documents with which to fully understand and digest the new more advanced ideas within the current document that you are reading. Instead, if you read the documents in the order given below, you will be much more ready to understand the points being made and the full reasoning for them as you get to each point.

Ideas from the past
not any clear answer

The documents next below are critiques of historically influential or revered political writings, which are not critical to understanding the Self-Sovereign Individual Project. However, they have been included here since they do provide adjunctive illustration of the limitations of and flaws within past political thought even by the best of writers and thinkers. Therefore, they once again clearly show that the past does not contain clear, certain and adequate truths that people of the present need only learn and practice for all social problems to evaporate.

  • Some thoughts on excerpts from Thoreau; written in Fall of 2002 for (where it has been without links to author, Paul Antonik Wakfer, and with feedback forum items removed since late June 2003 by STR website owner, Rob Moody) prior to conception of the Self-Sovereign Individual Project. (Brought in-house November 2006 to update current links and to provide better formatting and general environment.) New at SelfSIP 11/17/06

Comments, Questions
& Suggestions

We (Paul and Kitty Antonik Wakfer) welcome all constructive comments concerning additions, deletions or other alterations to these documents or to our whole program and its approach, but again please do not make such comments until you have read the whole program or at the least, the documents listed above. We also welcome suggestions about other documents involving rights, from any country or historical time, which would be useful additions. We are particularly interested in any documents that are revered as having made an important contribution to the founding of the current political and social order in a given country.