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Focus on Freedom

How Real Estate Will Work in the Freeman Society

by Alton Lindsay Jr


Real Estate is a term that refers to a volume of space an Individual is Connected to (in the manner to be described here) and Entitled by other members of the Freeman Society to have no restrictions on what he/she does on hir volume of space, as long it is kept exclusively there.

In this short article, I will explain how an individual/Freeman acquires, retains and exchanges Entitled Ownership of Real Estate without the need of a Government.

Note that for the purposes of this article, I am assuming that a Stateless self-ordered society has already been established of which the full members (called Freemen) are all individuals who have signed the Natural Social Contract (NSC). Since English words are so often highly ambiguous in their meanings, in order to be contractually exact, it is necessary to use precise definitions for all the words which are capitalized in this article. These definitions (all given in the NSC) are generally very close to one of the standard meanings of the English word.

For UnOwned/UnClaimed volume of space, it will be necessary for a person to first show Connection to it by being adjoined to it or having occupied it to indicate to others that s/he is physically in possession of a particular volume of space. Such Connection can also be accomplished by an Agent or even a robot under the Control of the Freeman wishing to become the Owner or under the Control of hir Agent. Such indirect Connection would enable the proper gaining of Ownership of volumes of space within the bounds of the Earth or outside of it which are not easily or even possibly reachable by humans. A Deed of Entitlement (a type of Valid Contract) will be included to be an objective specification of the boundaries of this volume of space, which is necessary for its initial description and Registration. If a volume of space is not specified so that it is clear to anyone whether or not one is inside that volume, then there is no possibility for Registration and Entitled Ownership of it.

Another method of acquiring Ownership of Real Estate is to purchase a Deed of Entitlement to it from the current Entitled Owner. However, someone (the original claimant/Owner-to-be) initially must fully define/describe the volume of space before it first became hir Entitled Real Estate. In addition, Covenants/Stipulations are necessary to be part of Deeds of Entitlement specifying the types and amounts of all Existents that are Permitted or Required to cross the mutual boundaries of this Real Estate, and the Owners that have certain Permissions and Responsibilities with this parcel of Real Estate. Boundary Covenants is a requirement if one is to fully describe and gain Entitled Ownership (Possession and Control) of a Parcel of Real Estate in a rational manner, because to the extent that one has no Covenant relative to some important boundary situation (say the flow of water in a stream entering the Parcel of Real Estate from another or concerns relating to wildlife and pollution), one has no Control whatsoever (as least no Entitled Control) over any change in this important boundary aspect of the Real Estate.

Deeds of Entitlement are finalized when the owner registers it electronically and where it can be searchably linked to hir identity. A more detailed explanation of these Acceptable Methods in acquiring Real Estate is available here.

This article is the final output from an exchange between Alton and Paul Antonik Wakfer in a message thread at MoreLife Yahoo. Kitty and Paul welcome others to develop their own explanatory articles on the many aspects of how a truly self-ordered society will operate under the principles discovered by Paul and defined in "Social Meta-Needs: A New Basis for Optimal Interaction"