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Natural Social Contract Annotations

Connection - Initiation of Social Interaction

The reader will only be able to understand the purpose and meaning of this annotation and its relationship to the Natural Social Contract (NSC), if s/he has first read the Introduction section of the NSC and its explanatory and elucidating annotation.

1) A major characteristic of the Freeman Society (the Society created by the NSC) is that all Social Meta-Needs occur within the context of Freemen, each of whom while having Relationships to various Existents and Information, also of necessity must have Relationships with other Freemen if any truly Social Meta-Needs are to exist. Just as it is true that hypothetical yet Potential Actions of which a Freeman is unaware are not Available to hir, so also Existents and Information with which s/he is not Connected are UnAvailable to hir (which is why they are also not included as part of hir Freedom or hir Choices). However, this does not prevent the existence of a Potential Connection of a Freeman to an Existent because of some Relationship, the existence of which s/he is unaware at the time. For example, this is the case for all Material Existents within a Freeman's Property of which s/he is unaware, but to which s/he has a Relationship merely because of hir Property Entitlement to all such. Consistent with the meaning and implication of the important distinction between the I and the Non-I, Freemen have no Global or common Connections with anything in Reality or Meta-Reality. (A parallel can be made here with the way in which macroscopic physical matter obeys the Principle of Locality because of the bounded speed with which effects can be transmitted between Material Existents.) Therefore, there are also no Global Violations (Violations of every Freeman), although a Breach of the NSC will become a Violation against any Freeman who becomes aware of it, since a prior Relationship has already been established by both of them being Parties to the NSC. In fact, Execution of the NSC may be seen as the Initiation of a Connection between a Material Existent and the NSC (as a Contract), with respect to which the Connection Process is:

  1. the Execution of the NSC by the Material Existent,
  2. the establishment of the initial State of Contractual Responsibilities and Entitlements of the newly created Freeman with respect to others, and
  3. the establishment of the newly created Freeman's initial State of Happiness, of outstanding debts to and credits with other Freemen both monetary and Personal,

all of which form the initial set of Connection Attributes and transforms the Material Existent into a Freeman. This Connection with the NSC then sets the stage for a Connection with any other Freeman when some Event makes one of them aware of the other and completes the Connection Process between them. The Stipulations of the NSC are thus the basic Connection Attributes between all Freemen with other Connection Attributes coming from the details of the Event that resulted in the awareness and completed that Connection.

The idea of Locality is incorporated in the NSC in many ways, but the idea of a Freeman's need to be Connected with some Existent or Information before it can affect hir is basic to them all. Note that the idea and statement of the Locality of Connections does not deny the possibility that the Actions of a Freeman can have Effects on many other Freemen (and other Existents) and even, potentially and eventually, on every Freeman who will ever exist, which Effects would all be due to additional Local Connections continuing to be made into the future. What is imperative, however, is that each of these Effects must be analyzed as a separate Connection Event and within the context of its separate Effect on each Freeman, in terms of who is the Effective Cause of the Connection Event and what are its Connection Attributes. It is particularly important to determine whether a Connection is a Violation, and thus, whether and how much Restitution is owed to the Actual Victim by the Actual Violator. That is why the concept and application of the Connectivity of the individual Freeman is so critical. Finally, it should be noted that memories and imagination are not Connection Processes between Existents (although a memory of a Connection Process may be of use to validate that Connection Process) for the simple reason that such memories and imagination do not represent (current, or sometimes even possible) Existents. For a discussion of some aspects of Connections, see the Yahoo Morelife discussion thread, Msg 727; however, the definition has been significantly altered since that discussion occurred.

2) Because any Freeman is Entitled to ignore any Connection Attributes with another Freeman which are additional to those of the NSC, unless s/he is the Duressor of that other Freeman (ie. s/he can refuse Permission for such a Connection Process), it was necessary to define a term, Involvement, to describe the conditions under which two Freemen are Connected with Connection Attributes additional to those of the NSC. Even though this definition causes Involvement when either is under Duress from the other, the Duressee is still Entitled to ignore the extended Connection Attributes and even to formally DisInvolve hirself from the other, since s/he is not Responsible to Charge the Duressor unless s/he wishes to do so. A Freeman may also Publish a DisInvolvement either before or after an extension of Connection Attributes beyond those of the NSC as long as s/he is not the Duressor of the Freeman with whom s/he wishes to DisInvolve hirself. The reasoning here is that every Freeman should always be Entitled to Choose with whom s/he associates (has any Relationship) beyond hir Responsibilities under the NSC

3) The concept of Worth State is a particularization of the general concept of State to describe the subjective viewpoint of a given Freeman toward some Existent or Information to which s/he is Connected. Since one cannot Rationally have any concern one way or the other for Attributes that cannot affect one's Happiness, the Attributes contained in the Worth State of an Existent or Information are always a subset of those that determine the complete State of that Existent or Information in Reality. The Life Worth State Value of an Existent or Information with respect to a Freeman (ie. its subjective State Value to hir) is quite naturally the amount of s-Value by which hir Lifetime Happiness State would decrease if the Existent or Information ceased to exist.