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Natural Social Contract Annotations

Lifeforms that are not Freemen

The reader will only be able to understand the purpose and meaning of this annotation and its relationship to the Natural Social Contract (NSC), if s/he has first read the Introduction section of the NSC and its explanatory and elucidating annotation.

After many attempts I am now convinced that it is impossible to construct any Well-Defined Category of Existents with Entitlements and Liberties which are different from those of Freemen yet which Existents are also not Ownable. Although I appreciate that the notion of Owning children and/or other humans is unacceptable in current society, I am convinced that this is merely an IrRational psychological blockage that needs to be seen as inconsistent to the Reality of the situation wherein parents are never-the-less expected to exercise the Responsibility of Adequate Control over their children, just as are Owners/Possessors of animals and inanimate Existents. Therefore, I ask the reader to please hold hir judgment in abeyance until s/he reads and understands why being Owned will not necessarily be detrimental even to humans who are not Freemen (non-Freemen) in a Freeman Society based on the Theory of Social Meta-Needs and implemented by the NSC.

In summary, it is my contention that all issues involving fetuses, age of viability definition, abortion, surrogate motherhood, paternal rights, children's rights, the rights of the mentally retarded, parent responsibilities and even animal rights are optimally solved by the methods that I have detailed in the NSC and elucidated in the annotations to the NSC. Note that by Registering hir Ownership of an Existent, including any non-Freeman, the Owner and guardian has effectively Published a statement of full Responsibility for its Adequate Control (which is actually little different from the manner in which a parent is held responsible for any Harm done by hir children in current society). By such Registration the Owner has enabled such non-Freemen to become Social Existents and Members of the Freeman Society with all the Benefits that accrue from that Status. If their Owner/guardians permit such dependents to leave the Owner's Real Estate and enter the Real Estate of other Freemen, such Owned humans will not generally be barred from entry by other Freemen because their Owner/guardians are Required to be Responsible for any Harm that they do. It is also possible and reasonable that the Owner/guardian will Contract with certain other Freemen so that those other Freemen have certain Entitlements and Responsibilities of Control over hir children or other dependents when such are on the Real Estate of those Freemen. Such Contracts would effectively establish the other Freemen as Agents of the Owner/guardian with limited Entitlements and Responsibilities with respect to the dependent.