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Focus on Freedom

Just Another State In The Making?

by Alton Lindsay Jr


From browsing around Youtube and several websites, I've seen certain anti-statists suggest the idea of Polycentric laws where different Law Determining Agencies or DROs (Dispute Resolution Organizations) would exist to match different people's preferences for laws and settling disputes (Descriptions can be seen at "Dispute resolution in a stateless society", "The Proof of Anarchy [video]", and "Polycentric Law").

There is also a suggestion for these agencies to require dues and war insurance (to cover damages) to support a "National" Defense of the former "U.S.A." Arguments for this are it will help provide constant funding for defense against both Statist and other Anti-Statist nations and this way of funding is more reliable than trying to raise such funds through a lottery or charity since both generate a free rider problem ("Defense"). However, I have not seen proponents of this social solution state whether or not the owners and operators that make up these DRO and National Defense services are also in contract with this society, and have the same rights and responsibilities as other members of this society. There are questions of who will make up this national defense, how will officers be recruited for it, and how the dues for it will be limited so that it does not become unaffordable? Will this DRO and Law Determining agency force higher dues? I also have not seen these proponents detail just what these contracts for these services will entail to avoid a DRO becoming effectively another institutionalized "Nation" State or Corporate fiction all over again. I find the social environmental attributes common to all people as described in the Social Meta-Needs (SMN) theory to be the necessary and sufficient components for a non-state social system to exist and interact optimally.

There is also the claim that such contracts with these Law Determining and DRO services would have insurance from risk of non-compliance by other members of society. However, insurance from risk is not at all the essence of a Contract nor the most fundamental need for contracts. Rather, termination and penalty clauses, and a third party arbitration arrangement are the time proven method by which contracts handle issues of non-compliance (breach) with clearly detailed and understood responsibilities. A Social Contract is fundamentally merely a recorded set of Connection Attributes/Relationships of a Connection Process that connects a person who Executes the contract to any other person who has already Executed it as soon as either becomes aware of the other. The fundamental Connection Attributes of a Social Contract are unambiguous definitions, Attested Execution of each party, Responsibilities of each party, Arbitration Clauses, and Breach Penalties to name a few. The Natural Social Contract (detailed at: is constructed so that there is no institution involved and consequently no owners/operators who have any different contractual responsibilities and entitlements to anyone else.

The most important part of the SMN theory approach that appears to be missing in all others' approaches to a non-statist system is the notion of strong Social Preferencing. That will be the biggest moderator of compliance to financing activities which are clearly beneficial for everyone - such as true defense against harm by individuals and groups who are not part of the Freeman Society. Far too many people will complain and want others (those in-charge or in authority) to do "something" but fail to think that it is up to them to not be tolerant of poor/bad/unacceptable behavior by others. It is this self-responsibility for social order in the non-violent manner of Social Preferencing that everyone needs to come to understand is vital for a society of true liberty and maximum freedom - and to prevent the resurgence of the State in merely a different form.

Kitty and Paul welcome others to provide analysis of other non-statist theories for social order and to develop their own explanatory articles on the many aspects of how a truly self-ordered society will operate under the principles discovered by Paul and defined in "Social Meta-Needs: A New Basis for Optimal Interaction"