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Natural Social Contract Annotations

Identifying Information Purpose and Requirements

The reader will only be able to understand the purpose and meaning of this annotation and its relationship to the Natural Social Contract (NSC), if s/he has first read the Introduction section of the NSC and its explanatory and elucidating annotation.

1) In order for a Society to work effectively, Information about the InterRelational Attributes (Personal Social Characteristics) of all participants must be as easily available as is the Evaluative Information about products and services in the marketplace. In the same manner and for exactly the same reasons for which each Freeman needs to Evaluate the Attributes of any product or service in order to Decide whether or not to enter into a Relationship and Exchange Value with the Owner of the product or provider of the service (ie. to purchase it), so does s/he also need to Evaluate the Personal Social Characteristics of another Freeman in order to Decide whether or not s/he wishes to enter into a Relationship and Exchange Personal Values with that Freeman. Information about each Freeman's Evaluation of the Social Actions of other Freemen communicated by means of Social Preferencing is the primary effector of the self-ordering Process of Social InterActions in precisely the same manner as Information about the buying and selling prices of goods and services is the primary effector of the self-ordering Process of a free market. The method implemented in the NSC by means of Requiring full Identifying Information and other Information Searchably Linked to it, which is of paramount importance for Evaluating a Freeman, is merely the first step to implement the necessary openness and fluidity of Personal Information needed to accomplish adequate and effective Social Preferencing. The items which are Required to be included are merely the minimum essential elements. Once the reason for this openness and fluidity of Personal Character Information is clearly understood, Freemen will wish to keep as much Information about themselves as possible available to each other since doing so will bolster the credibility and solidity of their Personal reputations and make Connecting to them more attractive to other Freemen.

2) Another use for this Publicly available repository of Personal Information would be the posting of reports of both positive behaviors - ones that the reporter thought would likely enable an increase in the Lifetime Happiness of all, and negative behaviors - ones that the reporter thought would likely reduce the Lifetime Happiness of all, but which were still not a Violation. Examples of such negative but Non-Violational behavior are continuing to Possess Stolen Property and aiding and abetting Violators. A Freeman could post descriptions of such behavior in hir own area of the UCN (paid for by hirself, of course), but with a link to the Freeman about whom s/he is reporting. This would be the basis for Social Preferencing (a kind of rating system) by any Freeman with respect to both positive and negative behaviors of any other Freeman. But note that it would be a completely open and specific rating system with the rating Freeman also liable to be negatively rated to the extent that hir ratings did not match that of others. This is the manner in which subjectivity would in the end become determined, just as does the subjective Evaluation of those buying and selling on the market become the determined Value of any good or service. Software could be produced that would search the UCN for all Public Information about any Freeman with respect to certain parameters that were chosen by its user and generate a report for the user about the Freeman being checked. As stated before, quite naturally the specific items of all such reports will also reflect on those posting them on the UCN and that reflection would become part of hir determined rating in the marketplace of Freeman InterAction desirability. This process will have the effect of establishing a fluidly informative market in Freeman InterActions.

3) For all the reasons now discussed, Stipulation A.11 details both the kind of Information that is Required to be Publicly available and the manner in which the availability is to be accomplished. In particular, every Freeman must be reachable by contact in Person (or by Agent) so that any Requirements of the NSC can be met. This last is detailed in Stipulation A.11.a and Stipulation A.13. Note that the specification of one year in Stipulation A.11.a for the maximum age of a Freeman's UCN picture, is simply a number that seemed neither too big or too small, all things considered, but I am completely open to any input for a reasonable variation of this number (as I am with all other numbers specified in the NSC). A similar remark applies to the specification of one week to respond to a contact in Stipulation A.10. There are many other items of Information that a Freeman will reasonably want to include with hir Identifying Information of which two important such: Valid Contracts to which s/he is a Party and Property that s/he wishes to Register, are included in the NSC Stipulations for the Identifying Information.

4) A primary reason for becoming a Freeman and Publishing one's Freeman Status is to enable Connections and the establishment of Personal and business Relationships with other Freemen. Freemen will preferentially choose to deal with other Freemen because such Relationships will be based on mutually understood ordering principles and methods which will allow a general increase in the productive output of such Relationships (more Benefit and less Harm to all parties). Thus, all other things being equal, a Freeman will benefit more from a Relationship with another Freeman than from a Relationship with a non-Freeman. This having been said, however, the number of human specialties is so large that unless and until there are large numbers of Freemen in a wide variety of occupations, most of the relationships of Freemen with other humans will necessarily be with non-Freemen. Therefore, another major reason for a Freeman to make hir Freeman Status widely known, certainly to all those who have specialties from which he will Benefit, is to inform and persuade them to become Freemen themselves in order to increase both hir and their own Lifetime Happiness.