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Self-Sovereignty Solutions

Social Ordering Technologies


1) The reader will not likely be able to understand the purpose and meaning of this page unless s/he has first read the essay entitled "Social Meta-Needs: A New Basis for Optimal Interaction".

2) The creators of the Self-Sovereign Individual Project (Paul and Kitty Antonik Wakfer) are well aware that some of the technological capabilities described and promoted on this page would be unadvisable and perhaps even personally dangerous to implement in the current social context of rampant Violational activities, particularly and worst of all, including those of all governments. All the technologies described and promoted on this page are assumed to be operating in a Freeman Society where the vast majority of InterActing individuals are Freemen or dependents of Freemen and the purpose of these technologies is both to prevent such Violations by ensuring that they are fully Restituted and to bring the discriminatory pressure of Social Preferencing to bear on other types of behavior that is not conducive to optimally increasing the Lifetime Happiness of all Freemen together.

3) For the first time reader it is probably best to not use the links from the capitalized words to their definitions. Instead, for a first reading it is strongly suggested that the reader simply attempt to use the vernacular meaning of a capitalized word which seems appropriate to the context in which it is used in this document. After in this manner obtaining a glimmer of what is meant by "Social Ordering Technologies" and how they will operate, the reader will then be in a better position to more fully understand them on a second reading by first reading the Natural Social Contract (NSC) in which all the linked words are defined, partly by means of their usages within the contract clauses, and are given additional explanations in the annotation pages to the NSC. Even though related, the meanings and usages of the linked capitalized words are often quite significantly different than any of their vernacular usages, and such differences will only become fully clear by using a circular approach to learning. Only by doing so will it be possible to fully understand the meaning and operation of Social Ordering Technologies, Social Preferencing and the Natural Social Contract, which together form the implementation of the Theory of Social Meta-Needs.

Personal Identification Implementation:
Identification Transponders, Scanners and Personal Evaluation

Personally Open Freemen
will preferentially seek other
such Freeman to InterAct with
because of easier Evaluation

As has been explained in the chapter on Social Preferencing, each Freeman will want to maintain a unique Identity (ID) with respect to which all Information about hir (him/her) can be Related and Evaluated just as s/he will want other Freeman to do with respect to themselves. The reason for this is to enable all Freemen to have the necessary Information available with which they can Evaluate each other so that their InterActions will be as optimally Beneficial for both of them as is possible. Those who do not fully enable such Information about themselves to be easily available will be shunned by those who do, in the sense that Freemen who are more open and forthright about themselves will prefer to deal with other more open Freemen. In this manner, such Social Preferencing will persuade more and more Freemen to be fully open because that Personal Characteristic will clearly enlarge the numbers of Freemen wanting to InterAct with them and thus, will increase their Lifetime Happiness.

Why ID transponders
will be affixed to all Freemen
and their significant Property.
Why Freemen will scan others
and interrogate their Personal Characteristics via the UCN.

Clearly then, any technology that helps to expedite full and timely Identification will promote and aid this Benefit to be gained from being fully open and easily Evaluatable. What can be more enabling of this than using an electronic ID transmitter that, when electronically prompted, will send to the requester the unique ID of any Freeman or any item of Property to which it is attached? This unique ID can be received by an ID scanner and uploaded to the Universal Communication Network (UCN) which can be quickly searched for Information Searchably Linked with it. At the same time software can be invoked to receive the search data and make virtually instantaneous Evaluations concerning those Attributes of the Freeman or Object being scanned and Evaluated, which are of interest to the Freeman doing the scanning. Reciprocally, the Freeman being scanned is also scanning and checking the Freeman that is scanning and checking hir. Therefore it is clear that all Freemen will want to wear an ID transponder and scanner or more likely have at least the ID transponder part implanted so that it cannot be lost. (In a Freeman Society being away from one's Real Estate without an ID transponder will likely be akin to the feeling one currently has when one leaves home without one's wallet or purse. Such a transponder will allow identification even when the person is incapable of providing it hirself.)
Note once again that while this Action of having an ID transponder and scanner constantly on one may be fraught with problems in the current society of rampant crime and government intrusion and coercion of virtually all aspects of one's life, I am here discussing the very different situation of a Freeman Society.
A Freeman will also likely want to have such an ID transponder affixed to any significant Owned Object that s/he takes off hir Real Estate, particularly unto Egress Real Estate. In fact, it may well be that most Egress Real Estate Owners will require such ID transponders attached to all Freemen and their Property which the Egress Owner Permits to be on hir Real Estate (see more below), because this will greatly expedite hir ability to ensure the Responsible use of hir Real Estate and limit hir liability to clients according to the use Contract between them.

Evaluation of others via
technology is merely an
automated, speedier and
more accurate extension of
what people have always done

Anyone who is concerned about such scanning and checking technology, should realize that it is only doing, much more efficiently and completely, what everyone does now whenever they are among others who are unknown to them. People have always done this necessarily whenever they were remote from their home area where the Personal Characteristics of neighbors and the Attributes of the local Environment were already well-known. People have always been watchful of people, animals and objects around them as necessary in order to Protect themselves from Harm from those others whether accidental or Intentional and in general, harm from any thing in their Environment. This is the reasonable source of being wary of strangers and the watchful eye toward others and one's Environment in general, which was necessary to stay safe and even to stay alive in the old west or other frontier places even now.

Personal Protection by Continuous Environmental Recording Technology

Insufficient Objective Evidence
is the major factor inhibiting
the Determination of guilt and
the Obtainment of Restitution
for Events of Harm and Benefit

The major problem in dealing with those Events of human InterAction which are antecedently UnPermitted by at least one Involved person is to find sufficiently objective evidence describing the Actions of all the Involved persons to clearly Determine who was the Effective Cause, and thus who was and is the Responsible Agent for any Effects of those Actions. This is generally a more difficult problem when one of the persons Involved has Intentionally planned a Harmful Action with the full Intention to also escape Restitution, but it is often also a problem even with Harmful Involvements between persons who have nothing but the best of desires to fully Restitute for any Responsible Harm from their Actions, and furthermore, it is even a problem to determine when the Effects are Beneficial (and Rewards need to be determined). The Involved persons clearly have reasons both psychological and material for mental bias which, even with the best of Intentions to support the Social Meta-Needs, it is very hard to overcome or often to even be aware of. Moreover, even in the absence of any biases, the human mind and memory is such an imperfect recording device, that both the Involved parties and witnesses, the latter with no interest in the situation (in the sense of no gain or loss of their Lifetime Happiness) and no logical reason for bias, may still be mistaken about the facts for one reason or another. While in the current society few people seem to be concerned about Rewarding those who Benefit others, again, in order for the Social Meta-Needs to be fully and symmetrically met, in a Freeman Society Rewarding those who are the Effective Cause of Benefits, whether or not such Effect is Intentional, is equally as important as making sure that those who are the Effective Cause of Harms fully Restitute all those who they have Harmed.

Objective Evidence
Collection Technology

The technology is now available to continuously record all visual and sound activity within and impinging upon any volume of space or simply impinging upon any object or person. By the time there are substantial numbers of Freemen, such technology will be more fully available everywhere, will be much cheaper, smaller and more convenient to use and will be able to record all visual, sound and other EMF Events (including ID transmissions) in the Environment of any Freeman or Object. All such collected data could be uploaded to UCN storage as it is recorded, so that it is safe from loss. Just as searches on the Internet or a website can currently be very narrow and directed, in the Freeman future, search software could scan such uploaded data for specific types of occurrences, individuals (from their ID transponders) or other search requests, and playback those particular time frames, as and when necessary. When there are sufficient numbers of Freemen, it is almost a certainty that all such capabilities will be highly sought after and made available at reasonable prices by entrepreneurs. The reason for this should be obvious, but I will give some situations of use to illustrate.

  1. Any Real Estate Owner will wish to have such technology scanning any part of hir Real Estate in which sits Valuable Property in order to Protect that Property from being Stolen or Damaged. The technology would Protect by obtaining clear objective evidence of the Effective Cause of any Theft or Damage and the clear Identification of the Freeman, if any, whose Action was that Effective Cause. It would then be a certainty that such Freeman would be found Guilty of the Theft or Damage, and thus, s/he would not be able to escape paying full Restitution for the Harm done. Naturally, such full capturing of a Harmful Event and the necessary consequence of Restitution would teach all Freemen that, in the interest of optimally increasing their Lifetime happiness, they must be very careful not to cause Harm to any other Freeman.
  2. Any Owner of Egress Real Estate will wish to have such technology scanning all parts of hir Real Estate in order both to Protect hir own Property therein, but also to ascertain that any client using hir Egress Real Estate was obeying the terms of hir usage Contract. In addition, such constant scanning would promote safety and good order (according to the Egress Owner's usage rules) on that Real Estate and this safety and good order would attract clients who wanted such safety and the types of order that this particular Egress Owner was promoting through hir Contracts and administrative operations.
  3. In addition, Freemen using such Egress Real Estate would likely also want to wear such scanning technology as part of their personal public accessories (Objects they would always have with them when not on their own Real Estate - as with a wallet or purse, currently). They would do so in order to be able to quickly assess all those around them for both potential threats to their safety and as potential people with whom to InterAct for mutual Benefit as and when necessary or desired. Such technology would be particularly necessary to wear when a Freeman was either in UnOwned space or on Real Estate without scanners.
  4. Finally, a Freeman will certainly want to have such scanning technology installed on any valuable Property such as a vehicle that is left unattended on Real Estate other than hir own. Just as the scanner on hir own Real Estate Protected hir Property there, so the scanner on hir item of Property removed from hir Real Estate will effectively Protect that item of Property from Theft or Damage. Of course, it should be obvious that such Environmental scanners must be installed so that they themselves are hardened against sabotage or at the least will capture and unload the Information about the saboteur before being put out of commission.

Potential Harm Prompting
Awareness Technology

The same technology that is being used to scan and record the Environment of a Freeman, should, when coupled with sufficiently intelligent software, be able to also alert that Freeman to certain dangers in the Environment of which s/he may not be sensorially aware. In other words it can augment a Freeman's normal senses of vision and hearing and in this manner reduce the number of errors made by hir brain's filtering and Evaluation of hir perceptual input. Thus, this data collection technology can and likely will become an augmentation of a Freeman's natural capabilities, just as a computer or any other tool is an augmentation of hir ability to perform certain tasks. Whether the method of alerting a Freeman to danger, or simply some Environmental Event for which s/he has asked to be alerted, is done by normal visual or sound perceptual input, or by direct brain machine connection to hir will depend on whether the technology is yet available and whether or not the Freeman elects to have such connection if it is available. I expect there will be many more applications of such personal augmentation technology which other inventive minds will think of, but I am here only interested in those that impact the Social order of the Freeman Society.

Permitting Connections and Prevention of Connection Harm

UnPermitted Connections are
a preventable source of Harm

In order for a person to efficiently and productively pursue the task at which s/he is currently active and to have the full Liberty to use hir time as s/he alone Chooses, s/he needs to not have unplanned and unwanted (and therefore UnChosen and UnPermitted) Connections of all types Initiated by others whether by leaving unwanted physical objects (essentially Abandonment) or by mere interruptions of hir activities. While interruptions of which Freemen are not the Effective Cause cannot be completely avoided, and certainly cannot be Restituted, by communicating the appropriate Information, Connections Effectively Caused by Freemen should be able to be totally prevented where they are not Permitted either prior to or after the Event of occurrence. Any Connection that was UnPermitted and remains UnPermitted becomes a Connection Harm that must be fully Restituted by the Responsible Freeman in order for the Social Meta-Needs to be met and this is, in fact, Required by the Natural Social Contract. Such prevention of UnPermitted Connections and the need for Restitution, if they do occur, can be accomplished by having a more clearly and automatically discernible means of communicating and reciprocally of discerning the State of one's current Choices in regard to Connections Initiated by others (one's Connectability State), than is currently done.

ID transponders could also
provide Information about
a Freeman's current
Connectability State

Currently, the only methods relating to this unwanted Connection Initiation problem (either interruptions or physical Information) are the use of messages with respect to telephone answering, signs on entry gates, on mailboxes (eg. "No unrequested flyers, solicitations or messages") or even on one's person when on Egress Real Estate. What is missing currently in regard to these approaches is the Requirement of Restitution if the person about to Initiate a Connection Chooses to not obey the wishes that are expressed (for example by leaving a sales message on the answering machine or a flyer in the mailbox when specifically told not to do so). Once ID responders and scanners are in place, such people will clearly know what are the wishes of anyone with whom they are contemplating Initiating a Connection and few will want to risk a Restitution Requirement by any such clearly UnPermitted Action (which would be the Violation of Connection Harm) because full video/sound recording of all activity regarding one's Real Estate and the surroundings of one's Person would provide the evidence necessary to unquestionably gain such Restitution. Reasonable such Information to be made available when requested by anyone contemplating Initiating a Connection, either by one of the public approach methods to one's Real Estate (currently phone, entry walk or mailbox) or by any physical contact methods on Egress Real Estate, would be: "Do not Connect unless you think that I will otherwise incur Harm", "Currently interruptible for dispensing aid to others, but not for sales pitches" or simply "Interruptible for any purpose". (For phone, mailbox and other Real Estate entry points and methods, these States would also include indications about leaving Information.) Current telephone answering technology would need to be enhanced to provide such Information when requested by a caller, even before any ringing occurred. This would be far superior to current call screening (all or nothing) since one could still be interruptible for important calls and yet not get junk calls.

Technological Social Ordering Solutions for a Freeman Society

Technology that may be
currently inadvisable will
solve Personal InterAction
problems in a Freeman Society

This page has described several ways in which current and realistically future technology can provide solutions to many of the social interaction problems that have previously been thought to be unsolvable or deemed sufficiently insignificant (as with interruptions or unsolicited Connections, for example) that they were simply ignored and suffered as the mere annoyances of an imperfect world. However, the creators of the Self-Sovereign Individual Project take the philosophical approach that just because perfection is an unattainable goal, this does not mean that one should not aspire and attempt to get closer to it. What has been described on this page are only those technologies that are highly promotional of Social order which have so far entered the mind of the author (Paul Antonik Wakfer). There are almost certainly other technologies and methods which will be helpful or even essential in promoting the necessary feedback to stabilize the Freeman Society and keep it conducive to optimizing the Social Meta-Needs of its Full Members.

Finally, once again it must be emphasized that the author of this page is well aware that some of these technologies (personal ID transponders and locator devices, for example) have the capability for Harmful use by all those who would initiate Violations, particularly including all governments. All the technologies described on this page are assumed to be operating in a Freeman Society where the vast majority of InterActing individuals are Freemen or dependents of Freemen and the purpose of these technologies is both to prevent such Violations by ensuring that they are fully Restituted and to bring the discriminatory pressure of Social Preferencing to bear on other types of behavior that is not conducive to optimally increasing the Lifetime Happiness of all Freemen together.