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Miscellaneous Discourses
on Social Order

Dialogues and Critiques
of the Fundamental
Viewpoints of Others
Aids Adequate and Correct Understanding

We, Paul and Kitty Antonik Wakfer, have seen in our interactions with many others who are self-acknowledged proponents of a free society, that the thoughts and ideas which they express are often without adequate or even correct understanding of the principles which must underlie any stably ordered, maximally free, minimally restrictive society. The examples in this section of such lack of basic understanding of the foundations of liberty are taken from email and Internet forum exchanges which we have had with a number of proponents of liberty. They are offered, not to denigrate the individuals involved, but rather to show where their expressed ideas are faulty and to offer our constructive approach to solidly found and strengthen those ideas. By this means we hope to help readers learn essential principles and analysis techniques, just as we hope that the recipients of these critiques have learned, or will eventually.

Also included in this section, for the special value of their content, are internet exchanges between Paul and others resulting from questions to him regarding aspects of the principles underlying the Self-Sovereign Individual Project. We are pleased to have thoughtful questions from readers and hope to receive many more.

Dialogues Containing Well Reasoned Arguments by Others

In addition, well presented written (preferably Internet) exchanges by others that demonstrate the fundamental principles or applications of the Self-Sovereign Individual Project will be added to this section from time to time in order to collect them together in an easily accessible format and to acknowledge the contribution of those others towards the promotion of increased reasoned thinking among those in society. Such additions will always have the name of the author/contributor listed in the short description of it in the linked list below.

Dialogues of Others

Comments, Questions
and Suggestions

We welcome all constructive comments regarding the examples above at MoreLife Yahoo. Although we will generally respond to all such comments, we cannot guarantee the response of any additional authors whose writings are placed above, although we certainly hope they will do so. Readers are also encouraged to post at MoreLife Yahoo descriptions of similar encounters they have experienced, especially including their own responses. Paul and Kitty will make comments on such submitted posts related, to techniques of analysis and principled argumentation. Understanding concepts requires the ability to explain them to others so that they too understand. Whether or not the reader chooses to agree with the correctness of the usually novel ideas expressed in the dialogue of this section is hir decision, but that choice may reveal much about hir willingness to abandon the old and inadequate yet comfortable, for the new and correct yet sometimes radically different.